Tímea Márton

If you think back to the carefree and cheerful child you were, would you be proud of you? Have you spent your time contentiously? Have you made the world a bit more beautiful at least a bit? I hope, yes. In any case, fingers crossed.

(Ádám Borsy, 2018)

        Our questions were answered by Ádám Borsy, who is a very motivating person, because despite of being disabled since birth he has achieved a lot and he is rather optimistic and persistent. We could say that he has a much more colorful life experience than an average healthy person. He likes to swim, play basketball, hike and sing. Among other things, he participated part in the Csillagszületik Talent Quiz and the SPAR Budapest International Marathon.

        Every famous, persistent warrior is ultimately a human. Although we could name our interviewee as a determined, wild lion, he is still a man therefore his everyday life, his fears are similar to anyone else. Work from Püspökladány to Debrecen and occasionally participate in various programs. He used to be afraid of not being able to meet his relationship. Doubts that it would be enough to make it easier to find a man with normal life. Nowadays he is trying to give himself only. Though these desperate questions are almost always a romantic novel character, who would never have thought that he wouldn't meet? Who wasn't even tormented by the thought that it was better for him? In any case, the main thing is to be aware of everything we are good at or bad at overcoming our disadvantages and inhibitions. we can have a healthy self-confidence, which is a good step in self-development. Adam considers such a positive attribute of endurance, diligence and strength. He records his impatience as a negativity and wants to achieve everything immediately

        His surroundings are greatly helped by Adam's development. He looks at his mother as the most motivating person in his life but it is also important for family members, friends and fellow feedbacks. In addition, it is important to highlight his wheelchair accessible workplace where he feels like a full-time worker and average healthy personat the same time which greatly contributes to maintaining his independence.