About me

I am Adam Borsy, I respect your attention. I was born on 17.12.1986 in Debrecen, I grew up in Püspökladány. I have been tied to a handcart since. I was born, I could never walk. By the way, the handcart. I hate that word. It's too lame. It doesn't mean to me, kind of subordinate role. I prefer to use the wheelchair expression myself, but only when I have to. I am healthy and thanks to the love and support of my family, I am independent, cheerful and I have full life. I have my job to work every day. I do not feel disadvantaged and I do not want to feel anybody that I am. I travel with all kinds of public transports. I love hiking, playing basketball, dancing (ParaDance Company), swimming and wakeboarding (this is actually an extreme water sport where a special surfboard is loaded with a motorboat). In 2010, I ran/rolled off the 42-mile on the 25th SPAR Budapest International Marathon in 4:16:45. I'm a warrior and could not stop my own wheelchair either. Perhaps more importantly, I did this with a pure heart and soul and I still do it. I always try to represent real values ​​on the right track, maybe that's why I love music and I love singing too. It shuts off and calms down. In 2008 I became the special prize for the 3rd Festival of Children and Youth in Debrecen, and on the RTL Club's 2009 Star Wars live show, I farewell as a public prize from the TV viewers. In 2010, I was also awarded a public prize at the 5th Euroregion Youth Song Festival. I met great people in great places and made friends. I worked together (among others, in the production of "We Are The World", one of the live broadcasts of the RTL Club) with the following renowned Hungarian singers Tamás Somló, Kati Kovács, Marian Falusi, Laci Gáspár, Anita Ábel, Réka Koós, Fruzsina Kovácsovics, Malek Andrea, Csipa (Hooligans), Gyula Éliás Jr., Viktor Varga, Tamás Horváth, Bence Brasch, István Tabáni, Lola, Csézy, Brigitta Balogh, Enikő Détár, András Vásáry, Ádok Zoli, Krisztina Éder (SP), Ábrahám Edit, Tóth Gabi, Eszter Végvári. Several times I had a chance to perform at Debrecen's Big Band, thanks to László Daróczi for this. In order not to accidentally leave anyone, I also welcome Árpád Koroknai, P.Box (Pandora's Box) and singer of Omen bands, a vocal teacher from Rocksuli in Debrecen. It was a pleasure to have a joint to the production. To this day, they are still invited to perform various events and festivals, which I take pleasure in, within the limits of reasonableness, whether Hungarian or foreign. And why did I write all of this? I want to motivate you and want to know new places, new acquaintances with valuable people. You need to know that everything is possible if you are persistent and never give up. Nevertheless, I say that, it's not important what you're doing in life, but how you do it.
We do not bring anything to the beyond, only love lives forever. If you thinking back to the carefree and cheerful little kid you were, would you think it would be proud of you? Did you spend your time steadily? Did you at least have a little bit more glamor than the world? I hope, yes. Anyway, I rooting for you!